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villa NM

  • location
    • Sv. Rok - Novo Mesto - Slovenia
  • authors
    • Mojca Gregorski u.d.i.a.
    • Sandi Pirš u.d.i.a.
  • investor
    • private
  • project date / realization
    • 2000
  • status
  • photographs
    • Miran Kambič, own archive
Old brick house near forest has been overlooking the Novo mesto city. New clients liked the location on top of the hiill, close to forest, with excellent view. The only thing they would change was appearance and functionality of old house. It was necesary to change vertical into new horizontal dress(ing), floating monolith, urban-landscape box. Smooth »Loose« facade flirts with the city, but »wooden« covered cladding reflects nearby forest paspartout. Under heavy angular ashlar we put out streched light membrane, curved cube ended with raisen glass prism and two storeyed folded pergola. North-west corner is strenghten by weightless roof »cube«, open »Treffpunkt«, the city eye.The brick atrium on the cold side reactivates the feeling of Mediterranean. Long, stressed-open views are liberating the treeinterior of the house; we knit two storeyed »tie of paths«, we connected double living. Orthogonal-cubic image of the house is ending the functional order of the container architecture from the end of the last century and is indicating new dinamic pattern in the beginning of the 2000.