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kindergarten Trnovo

  • location
    • Kindergarten Trnovo, Kolezijska 1_Ljubljana - Slovenia
  • authors
    • Mojca Gregorski, u.d.i.a.
    • Miha Kajzelj, u.d.i.a.
  • investor
    • Kindergarten Trnovo
  • project date / realization
    • 2005
  • status
  • photographs
    • Miran Kambič, private archive
Renovation of the first floor of Trnovo kindergarten (5 play-rooms, 2 separate sets of lockers, 2 separate toilets and a changing room for employees) included choosing new interior colors for the whole kindergarten. The children’s closet is intended to be part of the arrangement of the play room. The limited space of the play room and, at the same time, the wish for as big as possible empty space, resulted in hybrid design of the play element, functioning also as the closet for toys. Children from 3 to 6 years old can play on it using it as a slide, watch-tower, hiding place, climbing place... The composition enables children to play in a loop – with which they train their physical abilities. They can alos hide under the hanging part, behind a curtain that could be placed there. The toys are put away in simple drawers that are all the time at the sight and easily accessible. The closet is in the form of endless loop with a dynamic look, made of iveral plates and massive rounded corners. It is pleasant to touch, safe to use and easy to clean. It is made in three different variants, set in five different play rooms.